Thursday, August 28, 2008

a contest... being held over at my fabulous friend, Shari Beaubien's blog. Pop on over and take a peek.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

mama needs a new pair of shoes...

...and Lady Luck just happened to agree!

Let me explain.

When I started my new job in May, I knew I needed to upgrade my wardrobe and that included new shoes. I took the plunge and forked out some serious cash for a pair of Finn Comfort - Standford slip-on shoes (in black of course), as I knew I would be on my feet a lot and wanted proper support. Ka-ching $$$ the most expensive shoes I have ever purchased by a long shot, at close to $300. One of the smartest moves I ever made though. They have been wonderful...oh so comfy. Some may call them "sensible shoes", but I don't do heels and I think they are pretty cute.

About a month ago, I went back to Foot Solutions to take another look at shoes (something to go with browns this time) and the lovely folks who run the shop in Port Coquitlam told me that the same shoes were coming in, in bronze! Super...they would go with browns, but look cooler than standard brown shoes (they also have them in red, which was tempting, but I rarely wear red). I said please put me down for a pair. I got to pick them up this morning. Again, it was hard to shell out that kind of dough, but the support they provide is soooo worth it.

On the way home, the three of us decided to pop into the casino for a bit. We toodled up to the empty craps table and with my $40 limit, I said, "Mama needs to pay for a new pair of shoes," and I started to roll.

Long story short, I did well. As my chips increased, Wes would slip a few chips into his pocket. Shortly after I started he said, "You can play with everything," meaning he had my starting $$ in his pocket and I was now playing with the house's money. I continued to play, continued to win, and Wes continued to put chips in his pocket. I really didn't know how I was doing, except to say that I always had enough in front of me to place all the bets I wanted.

After about an hour, we decided to call it quits. I tipped the table and we walked away. That's when the fun really began. Wes started to empty his pockets into my hands and when all was said and done, I had won EXACTLY the cost of my shoes (after taking out my initial outlay of $40, plus the tip)! Woo hoo!!

Coincidence, or Lady Luck? Doesn't much matter, cuz Mama's got her new pair of shoes!!

artfest 2009

It's time to get excited again! After missing out last year, I am thrilled to say that I am planning on attending Artfest again this year! All the gals of 6W, from my first year at Artfest (2007) are reuniting next April!

As we Canadians get to send in our registrations a week prior to our US neighbours, Nadine has gratitiously agreed to gather all of our registrations (sans San Diego Deb) to mail in on the first allowable day!

Here's keeping my fingers crossed that I get at least a couple of my first choices (Laurie Mika, Pam Sussman and Ty and Marcia Schultz).

In the meantime, I guess I can start thinking about trades. I love the logo for this year and hope I can come up with some fun ideas around sea creatures. Speaking of which, our Deb recently posted a link to the cutest YouTube video "oktapodi". You can find it here.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

26 years ago today...

...I married my best friend.
Stephen, I love you with all my heart.