Sunday, November 18, 2012

over the edge - art jounal

This past Friday and Saturday I taught my first art classes.  They were held at Be Creative in Pitt Meadows.  My 'Over the Edge - Art Journal' class appears to be a hit!  

There was enough interest from folks unable to take the class this time around, that I will hopefully be putting on another class in to be determined.

Thank you to all of my wonderful students who helped make this a really positive experience and a special thanks to Haroldine, who convinced me I could do it.  Thank you so much for your support, Haroldine!!

Here are some pics from the classes.

 Lorraine during the class with the Be Creative team.

 Sharon's hands after the Be Creative team class.  

 Vicki, Lorraine and Betty.  

 Chris and Chris 


  Mary, Caryl and Linda (loved your lab coat)  

  Deb, Kerri and Sandy  

  Liz (a fabulous co-worker of mine - so glad you could make it, Liz!)  

  Saturday's class hard at work.  

  Manuela, Cindy and Zoe (my very dear friends...thank you for coming!)  

  Deb - who doesn't like to get messy!  Thanks for going for it! 

  Evidence of a fun couple of days in Pitt Meadows.