Saturday, September 30, 2006

artfest here I come!

I was so excited to finally receive my confirmation in the mail yesterday. I got all of my first choices; Lynne Perrella, Linda & Opie O'Brien and Thomas & Romona Ashman (my absolute first choice). Thank you to Teesha for putting together such a wonderful registration package, from the mini journal and amazing collages all the way to the cool Batman stamps. So much attention to details. Now it's time to start collecting treasures to use in my classes. I think I will have quite the list of tools to ask Santa for this year.

(thanks, Teesha, for letting me post one of your collages from the Artfest package)


Lora said...

is it March yet???

One Crabapple said...

Hey Deb, just noted which classes you got so I can be sure to look you up at Art Fest

yay!!! We are goin to ARTFEST !!!

Love, S.