Monday, November 12, 2007

suminagashi marbling

Suminagashi (sue-me-NAH-gah-she) means literally "ink floating".

This is the style of marbling I learned last weekend in a workshop taught by Candac Thayer-Coe. It was the first class at Nancy and April's new home. It was a great class.

The process is done by floating ink onto a surface of water by coating oriental brushes with the ink and then dipping the tips onto the surface of the water.

laying the paper onto the inks

lifting the paper off the water

...and onto the board for rinsing

The best thing about the class was sharing it with some of my special art know who you are!

This was a very zen-like experience, even in a group setting. I am looking forward to trying it again.

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Shari Beaubien said...

VERY cool, indeed, Deb! I've heard about this being done in several ways, but I'd never seen pictures. Looks like I might have to try it!! Hugs, Shari