Wednesday, May 07, 2008

superstar hair challenge - episode 1

Phew...Bryan made it through the first show. My heart ached for him when he broke down in front of the judges when they asked him why he was there and he said, "My girls." He trys to be so tough, but I know deep down he is just a big ol' marshmallow!

I thought his first cut was really good and stood up to the rest of the competition. We got really nervous for him when the second competition was hair extensions and he said he had no experience with them. We never lost faith as we know how talented he is and he squeaked through to next week...but not before "throwing his model under the bus" (his words) by revealing her age on television. Oops...but hey, it's Bryan and I wasn't that surprised.

Can't wait to see what he does in the next episode!

Go Bryan Go!!

If you don't get the show in your area, you can click here to access the contestant blogs and clips from previous episodes.

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Shari said...

Yea, Bryan! Woo hoo!! Hugs, Shari