Saturday, January 02, 2010

sherlock...not, it turns out I never made it to the sneak preview after all. A killer headache that came on around 3pm that afternoon prevented me from attending so when I got home from work, I went right to bed. As it turns out, when Wes returned from the movie he had an interesting story to share. The theatre stopped the film before it finished and an usher announced to the audience that not only had they misplaced the last reel of the film, they had mixed up the order of the reels they had played. Wes said that explained some of the continuity issues that came up.

They did get a free pass and discount on concession for a future date. How bizarre.

...still haven't managed to see the movie since it came out...maybe tomorrow.

We did see Avatar with some friends last night. AWESOME movie! I highly recommend it.

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