Sunday, February 28, 2010

CANADA WINS HOCKEY GOLD!! ...what a ride this has been!!

deb, stephen and rob celebrate with
(licorice) cigars after the big win

WOO HOO!! Couldn't be prouder to be Canadian than I am right now! This win is the "Happily Ever After" to these Olympic games!! WHAT A RIDE!!

The last 17 days have been AMAZING!! So glad we could be part of it all.

After losing to the USA in the round robin, I thought, "This is going to be Roberto Luongo's time to shine." He got to play the rest of the way and took us to the gold medal game where Sid the Kid scores in OT to bring it all home!

Canada has (14) gold medals...more gold medals than any other winter olympics host country...EVER! More gold than any other country in the winter games...EVER!!


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Jen said...

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