Sunday, May 30, 2010

...been a while...

...okay,more than a while since my last post.

I'll have to try and do better...mind you, it is pretty much just for me anywoo, as I only know of a few people who might pop by now and again...or not anymore, seeing as I am so infrequent in my posts.

Since the last post, we have had Wesley's first trip to Las Vegas;

got him settled in his place in Palo Alto, CA for his four-month internship with
(Wes is listed under Interns); and Stephen and I got to spend a couple days in San Francisco before heading home.

Since we've been home, our Eagles concert on May 14 got postponed (rescheduled for this coming Tuesday); we've seen Eddie Izzard on his Stripped tour with the majority of the Stocker clan;

and Stephen and I went to the Arts Club Theatre presentation of "Buddy - the Buddy Holly Story", which was AWESOME!

Zachary Stevenson does an amazing job in the lead role.

Zachary and the lead guitar player from the play, Jeff Bryant have a band called "The Human Statues"...After the show they were signing copies of their CD so we picked one up.

Sort of a mix of styles...a hint of Beatles, some Crowded House. It's light and fun.

Yesterday, we lost Dennis Hopper. Sad day. At least we will always have his movies.

Today we got out to the Coquitlam Farmer's Market for the first time this season. Spent some time at Starbucks enjoying a beverage, reading the Sunday paper and got in a bit of journaling in my Vegas journal. Then we were off to see Robin Hood.

Movie was pretty good. Covers how Robin Hood becomes the outlaw he was known to be. Can anyone say sequel?

Wish the weather would warm (and dry) up...we actually had to turn the fire place back on the last couple of days because it has been so chilly.

Wes is having a great time in PA and we chat each evening via Skype. I am so thankful we live in a day and age where we have access to the kind of technology that allows us to see and talk to our boy like he's right in the same room.

Back to work tomorrow...argh. Weekends are way too short. C'est la vie.

Well, how's that for a catch-all post?

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Shari said...

I loved reading about what you've been up to! That pic. of Wes in Vegas is the best!! Mwah.