Sunday, April 08, 2007

artfest treat

I forgot to mention this in my artfest post...on Saturday, as Nadine and I headed back to our house for lunch, I noticed something dangling in a tree along the road. We went to check it out and found six or seven pendants hanging by lovely fibres in the tree. Was it an art installation or were they placed there to find? We discussed it for a few minutes and decided that they were an early easter gift for those who happened across them. We each took one, feeling somewhat guilty, and placed them around our necks. The art in the pendant was very distinctive and we knew it to be that of Jenna Colby.

During dinner that evening, I ran into Jenna and asked if she was indeed the easter bunny. She said she would never tell so I asked if they were for us to take. She said that she had been placing them around Fort Worden all weekend and they were there for anyone who thought they should have them.

Cool! Guilt was gone and we could now just enjoy our found treasures. What a wonderful idea...placing treasures to be found by whomever was luckiest to get there first. Gave us ideas for next year, let me tell you!

Thanks for the wonderful treat, Jenna.


Laurie G. (morningk) said...

Very cool, I just love that idea.... Glad one found it's way to you!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...


I am gonna have to incorporate that into my experience for ArtFiberFest!!!

Thank Jenna for sharing her art even for those of us who did not find one....

Sharon said...

Wow, talk about paying it forward! What a wonderful thing to do. And I believe nothing ever happens before it's were meant to get one!