Saturday, April 07, 2007

artfest 2007

The gang from house 6W...what a bunch!

Wow! Hard to believe after all the months of build up, but my first Artfest is now history. What an experience. We created; we played; we partied; oh my gosh, did we laugh [a lot]! Ty and Marcia, so glad you joined us during our evenings back at the house. The wine and conversation was flowing. Poor Canadians really do all talk at once. Fun times!

I loved my classes. I think Lynn Perrella's class definitely was the most 'out of my comfort zone'. She is a wonderful and encouraging teacher. Thank you, Lynn. I can't wait to use her techniques in future projects.

Lynn with my piece.

Tintastic 2 with Linda and Opie O'Brien. That was a fun class.

Then it was Book of Hours with Romona and Tom Ashman. The class was very fast-paced which kept me on my toes. I was pleased with the result at the end of the day. Still needs some additional embellishment on the purse and the book. This class also pushed me out of my comfort zone. Who knew you could make a book from items found at your local hardware store?

Charm bracelet from Romona Ashman's charm swap. Didn't she do an amazing job? Love it!

I also participated in Sara Ellen's 4x4 fabric book. For any of you who were waiting for the opening of vendor night, you may have heard Tracy call my name. No, I am not so special as to get a front row position, it was to pick up my fabric book, as I missed the Thursday night pick up. Thanks to Sara for persevering and tracking me down.

I had a wonderful time and reconnected with a some special friends from Artfibrefest. My only regret is that I didn't get to spend as much time with those friends as I would have liked. Even though Fort Worden was hosting 500 of us, being in a house somewhat isolated us. Definitely wasn't like the hallway hangout in the evenings of Artfibrefest [which I loved].

I cherished the few moments we did share and I look forward to staying in touch until we have the chance to meet again.

And to all my new friends, thank you for being part of the experience.

Next retreat stop...Portland for Art and Soul!

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