Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"acrylic alchemy "

Is that a great title for a class or what? ...and I am fortunate enough to be one of the lucky students in Christina Lazar's first every classes on acrylic paint. Even though, on her blog, she admitted she was nervous to be teaching this particular class, she is doing her usual fabio job as an instructor! I have taken several of Christina's classes and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. We have had two sessions and the last one is tomorrow evening. We have been learning about colour theory, working with acrylic mediums, etc. The time that has been put into the handouts really shows! Tomorrow we get to put it all together and play. Can't wait!!

I made my most recent trips down to Kroma, on Christina's recommendation. I was delighted to hear such high praise for their products...as good as, if not better than other major brands, made locally in Vancouver and their prices are lower than other major brands because they sell directly to their customers. I had already tried and loved their mediums. I use their fluid medium for most of my transfers onto fabric (works great!). Now, I was going to get to play with their paint. LOVE IT!

If you are from the lower mainland and haven't been yet, GO! If you aren't, check out their website!

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